Children's Church: At Brighton, our children are considered our most precious asset. Our children's church has three classes to meet your needs: Toddlers - ages 2 and 3 years; Preschoolers - ages 4 through Kindergarten; and Elementary - First Grade through Third Grade. Our teachers have volunteered to care for your children with dedication as they impart the love of Jesus to the kids. The teachers pray for the kids, the classroom, and for the lesson prior to class.
Youth Group: Our youth group meets twice monthly at Brighton Church. Led by youth leaders, Shea and Sydnee Gray, our youth have come together with purpose in seeking the Lord in their lives through Bible study, service, worship, training, and fellowship.
Music Ministry: At Brighton, we desire to create an atmosphere that allows God's people to worship him in spirit and truth. This ministry has a vision for training up worship leaders and musicians releasing them into praise and worship ministries around the world. We will be a lighthouse in the music community, bringing many professional musicians and artists to Christ and many others into a deeper walk with Him through our internal ministry and openness to the creative arts as expressions of worship to God.
From the Pulpit: Pastor Mark McClimens brings the Word alive with his weekly sermons. To be filled with the powerful living Word of God, click here to hear his latest series.

Study Series: Special study series are offered throughout the year.

Missions: We have a deep commitment to reaching the whole world with the Good News.

Robert & Kathryn Baxter - France
Matt and Christy Rasch - France
Kyle and Wendy Holland - Ireland
Paul and Caroline Perry - Ireland
Louis and Rita Self - Kenya (Restoration Ministries)
Andrew and Grethe Stanley - Croatia
Jonathan and Marielle Tavennec Renich - Mongolia
Shalem Singh - India
John and Patty Chesney - Spain

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